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Meetaxis is a marketing and communication agency specialized in the MICE industry (Meeting-Incentive-Congress-Event).

Meetaxis is your partner in providing MICE Marketing Solutions on the Brussels/Belgian/Benelux meeting & event industry markets, one/some of the most strategic places in Europe and worldwide for corporate & association buyers.

Composed by a strong creative team, Meetaxis offers an original mix of skills and experience. That allows us to advise you how to market effectively, efficiently and successfully your company or destination towards all the high level planners on those concentrated business MICE markets

Our approach

Transparency, flexibility and quality are the hinges of Meetaxis. We offer your products and organization market knowledge and excellent communication skills. Our objective is to work together with you, using a pragmatic approach, in order to identify the different opportunities and formulate the actions that need to be undertaken (marketing intelligence).

Meetaxis gives you the opportunity to outsource, partially or completely, tailor-made or “à la carte’”, your marketing and communication needs, all according to your budget: this can go from a simple emailing to a strategic positioning or marketing plan and of course many other products and services which can satisfy your needs (please see below for more details).

In order to increase your sales and ROI, Meetaxis offers you the possibility to maintain a dialog with your target groups, which requires constant responsiveness: corporate & association meetings & events planners based in the heart of Europe.

Indeed, Brussels/Belgium is one of the largest privileged European centre of attraction for business thanks to the presence of many headquarters of Belgian and foreign companies, the European Institutions and a wide range of national and international organisations and associations – all big “consumers” of the meetings & events industry.



Powered to stretch your MICE business

Meetaxis delivers professional marketing and communication products & services to build middle and long-term continuous relationships with the different buyers on the MICE market.

More than ever and for sure in times of economic stress, Meetaxis products & services are an excellent value for money solutions for actions distributed over the year. Indeed they have been designed to enable you to establish permanent contract (best way to do business) with any person who is likely to take or to assist with purchasing decisions regarding conferences, congresses, seminars, incentives, training, team building, events, business trips and meetings of all kinds.

Therefore, below products & services will be accessible to all companies and organisations, which provide services and products to the meetings & events industry. More specifically, they are designed to:

  • cities, regional or national business tourism boards & convention bureaux (destinations)

  • hotels and hotel chains

  • “venues” and halls of all kinds for all types of event in the broadest sense of the term

  • and all other suppliers involved in the Meetings & Events Industry



Our Databases

Since 8 years now, Meetaxis is the only marketing & communication agency specialized in MICE sector based in Belgium which have database with relational details of association, corporate buyers based in Belgium.

These planners are organizers of meetings, congresses, seminars, conferences, conventions, incentives, motivational trainings, events, exhibitions and business trips.

This planner database consists of, both qualitative and quantitative:

  • the full details of :

  1. companies (= corporates) from the industrial and service sector (bank and insurance, construction, electronics & IT, automotive, medical and pharmaceutical, communication & marketing, industrial products, nutrition,…) ;

  2. (inter)national organisations and associations – on the Belgium Planners market, we are for sure stronger than any other agencies when speaking about this high level buyer target !

  3. intermediates and agencies (DMC’s, AMC’s, Incentive houses, Events agencies, PCO’s, etc.) ;

  4. the public sector ;

  • the relational details, which contain the most important elements of their professional activity, each show the possible business potential:

  1. their level of responsibility and decision-making;

  2. the number of events they organize per year (in general);

  3. the type of event (incentives, meetings, exhibitions, etc.) ;

  4. the average number of participants per event;

  5. the destinations of the past 3 years;

  6. the destinations of the next 3 years;

  7. and finally the average annual budget for the organization of events.

This relational database is updated and upgraded all the time, with only planners having global groups business in Belgium of course but also many abroad (mainly in Europe as you can imagine).


Our Databases’ cifers

Our databases contain:
  • +/- 5.000 High Level MICE Buyers based in Belgium (+/- 2.600 association planners and +/- 2.200 corporate planners and +/- 200 agencies and intermediaries)
  • +/- 1.500 High Level MICE Buyers based in the Netherlands (+/- 350 association planners and +/- 500 corporate planners and +/- 650 agencies and intermediaries)
  • +/- 250 High Level MICE Buyers based in the Luxembourg (+/- 50 association planners and +/- 150 corporate planners and +/- 50 agencies and intermediaries).
And they regroup:
  • Agency Buyers
  • Corporate Buyers
  • Association Buyers
  • Professional Congress Organizers
  • Specialist Agents
  • Executive and Personal Assistants


+/- 5.000 High Level MICE Buyers based in Belgium

+/- 2.600 association planners

+/- 2.200 corporate planners

+/- 200 agencies and intermediaries)

Sans titre - 1-01


+/- 1.500 High Level MICE Buyers based in the Netherlands

+/- 350 association planners

+/- 500 corporate planners

+/- 650 agencies and intermediaries)



250 High Level MICE Buyers based in the Luxembourg

+/- 50 association planners

+/- 150 corporate planners

+/- 50 agencies and intermediaries.

Our buyers will include only Key Decision Makers and Strong Influencers from the MICE Industry, Direct Corporate Clients, Associations, Destination, Venue and Hotel Finders, Executive and Personal Assistants all with International global groups responsibility (mainly in BE & Europe but also for some of them Worldwide), also all having purchasing authority or strong influencers in their role.


advandtEDGE to work with us

Depending on your marketing and communication objectives and the extent of the contact and communication that you would like to have with planners and in order to devote yourself entirely to make business with prospective clients please find below all products & services prodvided by Meetaxis.

Meetaxis offers the following proven flexible solutions, from a communication & marketing strategy nr 1 (2 newsletters a year) to nr 14 (“Buzzness Meetings” Concept):

  1. 2 newsletters a year, one each semester

  2. 4 newsletters a year, 2 by semester

  3. Sale calls with 4 targeted appointments on a day

  4. Sale calls with 8 targeted appointments on 2 days

  5. 1 Business breakfast, lunch or dinner with 16 to 20 planners (target up to your choice)

  6. 1 Business breakfast, lunch or dinner with 21 to 30 planners (target up to your choice)

  7. 1 Business Evening Workshop with 31 to 40 planners (target up to your choice)

  8. 1 Business Evening Workshop with 41 to 50 planners (target up to your choice)

  9. 1 Business Evening Workshop with 51 to 60 planners (target up to your choice)

  10. Market Study on a panel and targeted planner group

  11. Database(s) management & relationship management

  12. Secretariat of your destination & representation of your products & services with many above actions on a year

  13. The “Meetopolis Platform and concept”

  14. The “Buzzness Meetings” Concept

  15. The “MICE Library” Concept

(*)     as we introduce as much as possible flexibility and give you the free opportunity to make your choice(s) « à la carte », details concerning each above communication & marketing solutions will need to be discussed and specified by a detailed order form/contract which will state what is included or not.


Compose by yourself your own marketing intelligence à la carte

So now make your choice « à la carte » », depending of your team and budget availabilities on this high concentrated association & corporate meetings & events business buyers markets… For instance, you could have a « marketing intelligence » on a year which could include the above (**):

  • nr 1) + nr 5) – it means 2 actions

  • nr 2) + nr 5) + nr 8) – it means 3 actions

  • until nr 2) + nr 3) + nr 5) + nr 8) + nr 10) + – it means 5 actions and the secretariat and representation of your products & services on the local market(s)

Last but not least : if you think you could attend with some of your members (other suppliers of your city, region or country), than please make yourself with them your marketing & communication action plan on a year with the above products & services. By doing this, you will have the opportunity to share the costs for much more actions on a year on this high concentrate level planners market with for sure a maximum of return for a minimum of investment.

 One more point : the above proposals can of course be adapted to meet your individual requirements (only for the same value) and those of your marketing and business teams/members in order to better adhere to your real marketing & communication objectives & resources. Moreover, the action plan can be signed by several suppliers from the same destination and invoices could be individual if needed.

(**)  by taking 2 actions on a year, save on the total amount 10% OR 3 actions, 20% OR 5 actions, 30% – also to be specified by a detailled order form/contract which will state what is included or not.


Our added value

Meetaxis expertise makes it possible for your company/destination/organization to:

  • be promoted by a local professional agency,

  • ensure a continuous representation and maintain a dialog with your target groups,

  • work with a strong creative team with more than 15 years of experience,

  • achieve your goals with a know-how and a structured approach,

  • save time, money and reduce your costs

  • benefit of multilingual skills (NL-FR-ENG-DE)

  • increase your profit

  • do as so many other companies and destinations since many years (list of all those companies & destinations and testimonials since many years on request…)


Meetaxis is also


BuzzNess Meetings

BuzzNess Meetings, our new business mind concept 2015. More information will be online soon.

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logo meetopolis platform

Meetopolis Platform

Meetopolis, first cross-industry training and inspiration platform for Meeting & Event planners, will approach all of the needs and issues that corporate & association planners meet in their daily work…

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MICE Library

NEW! It will be the 1st European MICE Digital online Library with full promotional and sale details of all kind of suppliers, available online all the year long. This website will be promoted 8 times a year to association and corporate buyers by a new special newsletter sent all over Europe. More info on website very soon.

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